Cryptic Genie Society Founders & Partners

Date Posted: March 30, 2022

CollectCoin and its Cryptic Genie Society NFT project, co-founded by cousins Emily Julian and Didi Gooco, were built on an unexpected but exciting turn of events that led to the strategic foundation of the company. Julian and Gooco, both of Asian heritage, are strong female characters in the world of business but with passion to give back to the community of young promising talents.

Julian, a Registered CPA (certified public accountant) with a Masters in Finance from Loyola University Maryland, has over 25 years of experience holding CFO and various senior roles in business operations, finance, accounting, internal controls, audit, and strategic business modeling in diverse industries ranging from small startup businesses up to Fortune 500 companies.

Gooco, also a CPA (inactive), is a visionary business leader, an entrepreneur, and a successful investor. She is building a diversified portfolio of investments ranging from healthcare, real estate, stock market and now, crypto. She is no stranger to building a business from the ground up with good eyes and instinct in finding and growing potential talents.

In mid-2021, an investor colleague of Gooco and Julian was excited to share an NFT investment opportunity with a project being conceptualized initially in Turkey. The colleague presented the idea of Julian becoming the CFO of the project. As a CPA with an MBA in Finance, crypto was not in the closer realm of reality to Julian. “It’s not real money. I am a hardcore finance,” she said at first. However, taking on the excitement of the colleague, she did an extensive research on crypto. Julian became “fascinated with blockchain technology,” calling it “mindblowing”, thus, she began taking training courses in crypto becoming a Certified Blockchain and Finance Professional™, Certified DeFi Expert™ and Certified NFT Expert™.

However, early September 2021, the colleague pulled out of the project for health reasons leaving Julian and Gooco to build the project themselves. The women took on the challenge and reorganized the project concept. By October 2021, the project had 12 talented staff members, 14 including the co-founders – 5 artists, 2 game developers, 2 programmers, 1 videographer, 1 social media manager, and 1 admin manager. Lexcuity Corporate Attorneys based in California is in the works for being the legal advisor of CollectCoin.

Soon following, the pair reached out to serial-entrepreneur and investor, Anthony Pavek, to partner due to his success in media. Pavek and Gooco met through a mutual colleague in the Florida investor market. A Full Sail University graduate, Pavek knows what it’s like to bootstrap a company and successfully tackle new industries.

Pavek founded his own film production business, Golden Edge Entertainment, directing and producing music videos, concerts, tv shows and films working with channels like Spike and Nickelodeon. Following taking his production company public, Pavek opened impressive restaurants in Miami before moving to the Tampa Bay area with his two sons. Currently, Pavek is CEO of his three and half year old construction management and consulting company, Yehovah International Inc.

Together, Gooco, Julian and Pavek have collaborated to enhance the NFT market with CollectCoin’s first project Cryptic Genie Society. This collection showcases talented artists from all around the world, an exclusively inclusive community of gamers, collectors, and creators differentiating itself from the rest of the market with NFT art collection and a bonus 3D metaverse-ready game as token utility, The Dungeon.

About Cryptic Genie Society: Cryptic Genie Society is CollectCoin’s first limited NFT project launching in April 2022. Cryptic Genie Society is a collection of 9,888 individually unique and rare hand drawn and randomly generated genies, granting wishes around the Ethereum Blockchain. Each “genie-master” or token holder is given exclusive membership access to The Dungeon, a 3D single player, soon to be multiplayer and metaverse ready game where users win treasures and prizes.

About CollectCoin: Founded in 2021 by two Asian Women cousins, CollectCoin is a startup dedicated to developing, creating and marketing unique digital arts as NFTs showcasing innovative artists and programmers who come from humble beginnings like themselves. Through exceptionally talented artists and creators, CollectCoin aims to build a community of enthusiastic collectors paving partnerships as the path for success into the metaverse.

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