CollectCoin - your gateway to the metaverse.

CollectCoin builds a team of innovative artists, programmers and game developers from humble beginnings who aim to showcase their exceptional talent to the world of digital arts and gaming.

CollectCoin is a startup company dedicated to developing, creating and marketing unique digital arts and games as non fungible tokens (NFTs) with the purpose of creating a community of enthusiastic collectors of digital arts and gamers.

Founded by two passionate female entrepreneurs looking for partners to join them in their journey towards the path to success in the digital Blockchain realm.

Our Projects

NFT is an evolving, dynamic, fast-paced digital market where new ideas, boosted by technology, quickly emerge. CollectCoin has multiple ideas of digital arts collections and 3D gaming targeting collectors looking for unique and valuable NFTs in a community-driven virtual society.

Cryptic Genie Society

Cryptic Genie Society is a collection of 9,888 unique genies granting wishes around the Ethereum Blockchain as Non-Fungible Tokens on ERC-721 contract.


DapperHub, CollectCoin's Division, provides end-to-end NFT development services to aspiring artists, creators, investors, corporate brands, celebrities or just anyone who want to dive in to the world of NFTs. DapperHub offers a wide range of services such as artwork conceptualization, code development, smart contracts, minting, marketing and overall project management.

One God One Faith Ministries

CollectCoin is partnering with One God One Faith (1G1F), a not-for-profit charity dedicated to ending the foster care housing bed crisis. The 1G1F NFT project would entail the minting of NFTs to be offered via a fundraiser model. All proceeds will be used in buying beds for foster kids to end the orphan bed crisis for the betterment of our communities.

NFT Music Bytes

CollectCoin is working on a potential collaboration with a group of artists in the music and art industry. These group of talented artists will create unique pieces of arts with embedded music during a live performance event. CollectCoin will manage turning these unique artwork into NFTs for minting into a blockchain.


CollectCoin is actively working on concept proposals to create Metaverse to three distinct industries: Skateboards, Apparel, and Coffee Shops. Our imagination and creativity are boundless and limitless!


Meet CollectCoin's power house of talents including the founders, artists, developers, programmers and business leaders. Our team possesses strong passion and zealous dedication to our company's vision.


Co-Founder, CEO & CFO

Emily is the brain power and heart of the company’s vision. She is fascinated by Blockchain Technology, becoming a Certified Blockchain and Finance Professional™.



Co-Founder, COO

Didi is a visionary business leader, an entrepreneur, and a successful investor. She uses her passion in growing a successful company. She has a remarkable instinct in finding and developing talents.



Operations and HR VP

Riza develops and implements strategies in running the overall operations of the company. She rallies the group of artists, developers and programmers in accomplishing goals and objectives.



Network Security Director

Allan manages and oversees every aspect of technology security in the company. He is an expert in deterring unauthorized access and potential threats in the network.



Blockchain Developer & Director

Jofil leads the research, design, development and testing of blockchain technologies. He also maintains server applications for integration and business logic. He is very smart in learning the evolving blockchain technology.



Senior Game Developer

Eman leads the team to design game concepts and ideas. He then translates these ideas and concepts into a functional game environment and produces prototypes of the game play.



3D Art and Animation Director

Edward leads the group of artists. Edward, in conjunction with CGS founders, created the concept of genie arts. He created The Dungeon 3D game environment from scratch.



2D Lead Artist

Aras creates unique and programmable genies. He also hand draws specific genies as part of the unique special collection. He ensures that the details are shown in his arts to make it aesthetically attractive.



2D and 3D Artist

Menchie creates unique and programmable genies. She uses her creativity in creating unique artwork. She also creates and animates the 3D game assets such as characters, weapons and accessories.



2D and 3D Artist

JC creates unique and programmable genies. He conceptualizes the unique characteristics of the genies. He also creates and animates 3D game assets such as enemies and weapons.



Game Visionary and Developer

Celmar creates the overall vision of the metaverse future of the company. He has the passion and ideas to take the game research and development to the next level.



Landing Page Artist

Paul designs the concept and landing pages of the Cryptic Genie Society which were used as the inspiration in creating the environment of The Dungeon 3D game. He is a very talented illustrator and graphic designer.



Video Creator

Sonny creates, manipulates and edits film pieces to form creative videos. He inputs music, dialogues, graphics and effects to make it more interesting. He ensures logical sequencing and smooth running of the video.



Admin & Accounting Manager

Jeff plans and coordinates administrative and accounting functions for smooth operations of the company. He takes care of the nitty gritty aspects of the operations for everyone to stay focused and dedicated on their crafts.